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KHM owns over 1200 machines, including more than 70 CNC machines, some of which are the largest and most advanced in China and the World.There are approximately 30 large CNC Movable Planner Boring & Milling Machines , Floor-Mounted Boring & Milling Machines and Gear Cutting Machines

         We can produce:

    Rotary Parts: a single piece weighing up to 300t and 16m in diameter.

    Shell Part: a single piece weighing up to 200t and 6m in diameter x 18m in length.

    Shaft Part: a single piece weighing up to 100t and 3.2m in diameter x 12m in length.

    Rectangular Part: 6.5m x 5m x 18m, 250t in weight for a single piece.

    Automatic positioner