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institute of R&D

KHM has its own independent research institute. It is now the best comprhensive research institute for the technological development of mining equipment. And it is one of the first national level corporate centers
approved by SETC(State Economic and Trade Commission) and got the grade-A certification for the design of heavy equipment. Ever since a long time ago, the institute is engaged in the general and basic research of heavy equipment, the research of key project and complete plants, and the rearch for the development of engineering equipments, major national technical equipments and new equipments.

Adhering to the core concept of technology achievement future and technology as the first productivity, KHM pays close attention to technological innovation, and has built 6 professional technology institutes invested heavily to purchase advanced instruments and professional equipment. KHM has been the company with the most complete facilities and powerful technology in the domestic processing enterprises


  • KHM Mineral Processing Research Institute

  • KHM Mineral Processing Research Institute has two parts --- mineral processing research room and chemical laboratory which can take perfect sample chemical composition analysis and ore beneficiation test.
  • Automatic Control Research Institute

    KHM Automatic Control Research Institute takes automatic technology improvement for mineral processing production line to realize the unattended operation of mineral processing plant.
  • Mining Design Institute

    KHM mining design institute is the first mineral processing professional institute in equipment company which has the Class A design qualification, 14 departments (geology, mining, construction, power, etc..), more than 200 professionals, 10 invention patents and 40 utility model patents, and 400 EPC projects experience.
  • Rubber Research Institute

    Rubber Research Institute independently develops wear-resistant rubber by liquid phase of “Liquid phase nanometer compounding • normal temperature high – frequency curing” with international advanced level. This technology broke up the more than 80 years foreign monopoly in wear-resistant rubber, and was also identified as “Technology and Product Performance with International Advanced Level” by national technical department.



International Technology

More than 30 people of our research institute had ever visited more than 10 countries such as the United States, Sweden, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Canada, Russia, Germany and Australia, to study and be trained, introducing international advanced technology. We has continuely introduced new products with international standard according to market demand. Our products have also passed CE certification and the EU SGS certification of Sweden


Technological Achievements

Combining with the domestic and foreign market demand and the development trend, KHM introduces the advanced international technology, adapting and applying to products manufacturing. 

Focusing on technology, KHM Group obtained numerous achievements


Patent Product Catalog

No. Patent Type Patent Name Patent No.
1 Invention A discharging device of autogenous mill ZL 2010 1 0519895.1
2 Utility Mode A discharging device of autogenous mill ZL 2010 2 0577154.4
3 Utility Mode A cylinder lamina of autogenous mill ZL 2010 2 0577155.9
4 Utility Mode A bucket elevator for automatic separator of sand and water ZL 2010 2 0577171.8
5 Utility Mode A ten-angle screen ZL 2010 2 0577172.2
6 Utility Mode An automatic sand return device of wet type ball mill ZL 2010 2 0577173.7
7 Utility Mode A inflation system of flotation cell ZL 2010 2 0577174.1
8 Utility Mode A flocculating agent feeder ZL 2010 2 0577177.5
9 Utility Mode A discharging device of ball mill ZL 2010 2 0577178.X
10 Invention A total cross-section air-lift flotation cell 201110155809.8
11 Utility Mode A distributed overflow groove used in flotation cell   ZL 2011 2 0194643.6
12 Utility Mode A self-closing type check valve ZL 2011 2 0194663.3
13 Utility Mode A foam damper used in flotation cell and flotation cell ZL 2011 2 0194713.8
14 Invention Copper extraction method for copper smelting converter slag 201110320875.6
15 Utility Mode A liquid level detector for flotation cell ZL 2011 2 0561868.0
16 Utility Mode A grid plate for autogenous mill ZL 2011 2 0562230.9
17 Utility Mode An agitated pulp distributor ZL 2011 2 0562249.3
18 Utility Mode A rotary type discharging device for thickener ZL 2011 2 0562503.X
19 Utility Mode A safety indicating device for thickener ZL 2011 2 0562511.4
20 Utility Mode A jack up device for vibrating screen ZL 2011 2 0562516.7
21 Utility Mode A multi-taper hopper for thickener ZL 2011 2 0562525.6
22 Invention A drive device for the discharging of ball mill 201210494625.9
23 Invention An object transfer device 201210496971.0
24 Invention A production method of pinch valve liners 201210497021.X
25 Invention A speed measurement sensor 201210497264.3
26 Invention A nanometer rubber compound 201210497313.3
27 Invention A rubber plate polishing device 201210506101.7
28 Invention A rack of electronic belt scale 201210507569.8
29 Utility Mode A rubber bar shearing machine ZL 2012 2 0639824.X
30 Utility Mode A vibration carbon screen ZL 2012 2 0639948.8
31 Utility Mode A spigot of compound hydrocyclone ZL 2012 2 0642200.3
32 Utility Mode A split type rubber bearing ZL 2012 2 0642303.X
33 Utility Mode A drive device for the discharging of ball mill ZL 2012 2 0642305.9
34 Utility Mode An object transfer device ZL 2012 2 0642351.9
35 Utility Mode An anti-blocking device for high concentration slurry of thickener ZL 2012 2 0642634.3
36 Utility Mode A speed measurement sensor ZL 2012 2 0642652.1
37 Utility Mode An isolation valve ZL 2012 2 0642673.3
38 Utility Mode A rubber plate polishing device ZL 2012 2 0652843.6
39 Utility Mode An inflation and agitation device of flotation cell ZL 2012 2 0653799.0
40 International Invention A total cross-section air-lift flotation cell PCT/CN2012/073408